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Dr Robert Becker

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Robert Becker

A pioneering medical doctor in the 1960’s, Dr. Becker is most famous for his book, The Body Electric, which gives an autobiographical account of his life’s experiences with bio-electro-magnetics.

Not only did he establish that the Chinese meridians of the body are skin pathways of decreased electrical resistance but he discovered a host of other bioelectric effects within the body as well, such as electro-stimulating limb-regeneration in mammals.

He also worked on electrically stimulating bone growth with Dr. Andrew Bassett, who along with Dr. Arthur Pilla, developed a very effective PEMF generator to stimulate bone fracture healing, now approved by the FDA with an 80% success rate. Since bone is piezoelectric, these specially designed signals effectively create stresses that open the calcium channels, in the same way that weight-bearing exercise does.

Similar PEMF signals recently have been used effectively to treat osteoporosis even in patients with an ovariectomy.

Dr. Pilla envisions a device being available in the future that could be installed under one’s mattress to send bone-strengthening signals all night to elderly patients in their own home.


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